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Weeds, wild cucumbers, and my (failed) attempt at a “natural flower garden”…

  I love all things green! Wildflowers and ivy and frogs and lush grass – they all bring me a smile and make my heart sing a little. That being said, I do not have the proverbial “green thumb”. In fact, my boys used to call me the “plant killer”. I love them, but just have difficulty keeping them around. Now that I have a bit more time on my hands and can spend more time studying their care and needs, I’ve been trying my hand at gardening. I have two small flower gardens in the front of the house and a raised bed vegetable garden in back… but there’s this one lovely spot near a tree in the back that I knew would be just perfect for that “natural” look. So, I cleared the spot and planted a various array of flowers – some lilies of different sizes and colors, some butterfly flowers, and a few clumps of variegated monkey grass. I have thoroughly enjoyed the blooming lilies and purple flowers.  The tree has some gorgeous deep-green ivy wrapped around it. I thought that I would transp

Summer Sunshine!

After over 40 years behind a desk (most of them spent in a cubicle or enclosed office), I am free to enjoy the beautiful out-of-doors… and the Tennessee summer sun is HOT! I have enjoyed digging flower beds from rocky, dry earth and planting flowers and vegetables in various places around the property. Did I say that it was hot? As I was softening the earth and scraping up the grass to prepare the ground for another flower bed, the sweat was pouring in my eyes (now I know why the good Lord gave us eyebrows… and I long for the full and fearsome eyebrows of my youth!). The sun was brutal, but it was gorgeous. I stood straight to ease my back and a sudden breeze blew softly. The air was immediately cooler. “Thank you, Jesus!” I breathed. It truly was a beautiful day. I began to think of all the blessings that the Lord has poured out on my life. I started to thank Him for them. With each thrust of the shovel, I praised Him. “Thank you for the sun that shines down and warms us. Thank you fo